PDLC Nanotechnology

(Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal)

SwitchFilm is an original PDLC film (Switchable film or smartfilm) that has several main functions: in ON it is as transparent as the glass, in OFF it becomes opaque, and it can also turn your glass (new or existing) into a high-resolution Display. SwitchFilm makes two models of LCD film-Film; the model for Laminating (LAM Film Lcd) which through a lamination process between two panes of glass transforms the glass into a Smart Glass (Switchable Glass or intelligent glass) and the model Self Adhesive Film (intelligent film), which can be installed directly on existing glass without having to replace anything.

The Technology

We create customized LCD Films, in the various SwitchFilm Ranges. We build the Busbar (power bar) in the most functional positions for you to always guarantee you the best performances.

When the power supply is turned on, the liquid crystal nanopolymers align and the incident light passes through, allowing the light to penetrate evenly, showing you the transparent glass.


When the power is interrupted, the liquid crystal nanopolymers are arranged irregularly with light scattered in all directions, showing a satin-glass matte effect. This way you will ensure your Privacy on Demand.


Some advantages

Scopri dove puoi applicare le nostre tecnologie SwitchFilm

Privacy on Demand

Versatility for total control of your immediate privacy. Just one click to protect your most delicate moments


Immediate protection in all the most intimate situations. Maximum Protection of Sensitive Data. It also increases the security level of glass


Ability to block and reduce sound emissions. Sound Abatement Performances for Greater Comfort

Rear projection

Turn glass surfaces into Digital Glass for work, play, entertainment or information sharing.

Energy Efficiency

Reduction of UV Rays up to 99.9% and IR Rays up to 94%. Energy cost reductions of up to 54%.

High Design

Versatility, Innovation, ability to subdivide interior spaces with unique Design. Efficiency with high levels of performance


Some applications

Scopri dove puoi applicare le nostre tecnologie SwitchFilm