SwitchFilm is a company born out of the desire to combine innovation and environmental protection, and through the development of materials science, is committed to daily efforts to make the individual’s life better, smarter and in total well-being with the environment around us .

In our Laboratory we produce all types of LCD Film suitable for a wide variety of requirements, take care of their custom cutting, and make the busbar line(s) to always guarantee our customers technologies with the highest levels of performance. We are the only ones to guarantee light transmission levels above 88-89%; each film produced is tested and all its performance is certified. From the level of light transmission (transparency), to the quantification and measurement of opacity values, to the abatement of UV and IR values. Always aiming to provide our customers with the best performance with a guarantee of no less than five years!

But we do not stop there: we devote a lot of energy in the development of final and exclusive applications, to make our technologies more and more smart and functional for human well-being.

From Glass Displays that maximize their performance depending on the time of day, to Touch Displays for those who need solution with high levels of Engagement, to Glass Digital Screen solutions and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology for LCD Display needs on Glasses with somatic profiling capabilities.

Our intent is to serve Glassworks, Designers and Companies to support them in the most diverse needs of their clients by establishing Partnerships with the goal of working together to create new and innovative Concepts.


SwitchFilm aims to create value out of ordinary glass surfaces. Inactive surfaces that surround our daily lives and can be optimized for use in a wide range of applications.

Our state-of-the-art products are backed by years of research and development in the industry with additional experience in processing. We also offer a 5-year warranty, CE/FCC/UL/ISO certifications and a strict specification regulation standard, providing an unprecedented level of quality control. SwitchFilm is determined to meet the demands of the glass industry and ready to respond to market challenges in terms of innovation, durability, integration of applications and formulations to manipulate glass and image sharpness.

Glass is now an essential building material for all architectural structures. With the current pace of technological advancement, it is likewise an opportunity for the glass industry to level up and integrate with smart technology to create a whole new experience. If you are eager to bring innovation to your products/processing, contact us and we will work together to bring your vision forward!

Do you want to become a SwitchFilm Partner?

We support Glassworks with continuous shadowing to study and share the best settings not only for lamination processes, but measure their prototypes to share best practices.

Do you want to have exclusive support for your Projects?

With Architects, Planners, Designers and general Transformation Companies who want to differentiate themselves in the creative implementations of their Projects/Products, we give all our input to help them in defining any conceptual idea. We make prototypes and jointly develop ideas.